One of our primary goals is to spread the idea and knowledge of STEM. We achieve this through our multiple outreach programs. Our students work with kids of all ages through various events hosted throughout Johns Creek and its surrounding cities. Shown below are just a few of the ways we like to contribute to the community.

State Bridge Elementary School FLL TeamJohns Creek’s Founder’s Day Parade

Autrey Mill Middle School’s May Madness

Our robotics members help the elementary school students of State Bridge Crossing Elementary School learn how to make Lego robots for the First Lego League. It is always amazing to see the children’s curious faces as they learn about the inner workings of the STEM field.The Founder’s Day Parade is an annual event that commemorates the commencement of Johns Creek the City. Many members of our community come out and line up to see many organizations at the parade. We are the only STEM organization that shows up and we show off our FRC robot by driving it on the real road. We also pass out fliers and the link to our GoFundMe.Autrey Mill Middle School’s May Madness is a field day where students are let out of their classes and can play games outside. Our Robotics team brings our robot to the school and sets it up so that students can take a look at it and get excited about robotics and the STEM field in their future. We also give students the opportunity to drive the robot around!

Along with the above, Gladiator Robotics also have other outreach programs. These consist of:

  • STEM Night at Medlock Bridge Elementary School 
  • Johns Creek High School’s Club Day and Chariot Race
  • Autrey Mill Middle School’s FLL team support